zaterdag 7 augustus 2010


i cant open my eyes any wider than this, this was 5 minutes ago and take a look at my new OWL shirt!!! (and my new wallpaper)
me-my new shirt-mommy-my best friend in the whole wide world sandy =)

Me and Jonell ( who stole my oneliner! "cant afford pants"

this scary close up.
-my home-cut shorts, favourite hat and cardigan and sandals, necklace and a new shirt

HELLO! i'm so sorry for not updating! i was so busy shopping and re-doing my new room! i really wanted to update but i had no time =(. and guess what, starting monday i wont be updating for a whole lotta time, because i'm going to salou in SPAIN! i'm so excited! and after that it's almost my birthday, but dont worry! i will have a very long update after i've been to spain, and i've posted A LOT of pictures in this update so you wont forget what i look like!! please don't. i'll do my best to take lots of pictures and shop a lot =).
thankyou for reading sweeties! xxxxxxxxxxoooooooo your little partyhardy going abroad

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