zondag 25 juli 2010


today was such a boring day, and the weather was a bit weird. i was planning on cleaning my room, but i refused to do it after i realized what kind of mess it was. instead, i stayed in bed ALL DAY. i wish i would've gone to the beach instead =( .
anyway, after that i had a barbecue with a HUGE AMOUNT of meat, it was unbelieveable! i had around 9 spareribs, haha. for my outfit, i didn't know what to wear. i love my sandals and my nailpolish and necklace though! and i've kind of got a thing for my vest and my t-shirt too. the skirt is a replacement for my other pencil skirt, which i couldnt find in that huge mess. anyway, i wish i had something interesting to tell! i will, shortly. i think. for now, thanks for reading and have a wonderfull day! (or night, because where i live it's 0:37 haha.)

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