zondag 25 juli 2010


today was such a boring day, and the weather was a bit weird. i was planning on cleaning my room, but i refused to do it after i realized what kind of mess it was. instead, i stayed in bed ALL DAY. i wish i would've gone to the beach instead =( .
anyway, after that i had a barbecue with a HUGE AMOUNT of meat, it was unbelieveable! i had around 9 spareribs, haha. for my outfit, i didn't know what to wear. i love my sandals and my nailpolish and necklace though! and i've kind of got a thing for my vest and my t-shirt too. the skirt is a replacement for my other pencil skirt, which i couldnt find in that huge mess. anyway, i wish i had something interesting to tell! i will, shortly. i think. for now, thanks for reading and have a wonderfull day! (or night, because where i live it's 0:37 haha.)

zaterdag 24 juli 2010


i'm ROMY, a new blogger! i thought about making a blog for a while, because i wasnt sure if i had enough time for it. i decided to take a free fall and do it anyway, as i've got nothing to lose. except readers. i'm a nearly 15 (my birthday is on the 29th of august!)year old green eyed brunette, and i'm half english-half antillian. i'm planning on graduating. i'm not into having a boyfriend in summer, because i'm a wild badass party animal that will crash any party available, and i'm very social. so it won't really work at the moment. anyway, i'm talking(typing) too much, as usual. you should know i laugh and talk A LOT.
thank you for reading!
love, Romy.